Position Senior Computer Network and Systems Engineer At IronLine Technology
Mobile No. +61 420 200 505
E-Mail Jafari@soroush.it
Address Kingsford, Sydney, NSW, 2032

Native Persian
Bilingual Proficiency English

Academy MIT Student @ UNSW
BSc in Information Technology Engineering
School Mathematics & Physics Diploma
Computer Operation Diploma
Other Microsoft Learning Academy
Cisco Academy
Acronis Academy
TUV Rhineland Academy (Germany)
DNV CIBIT Institute (Netherlands)
Ludwig Maximilians University (Germany)
Faculty Management of University of Tehran
Strategic Management Association
Management Of Technology Association
Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) Learning Center
Technical & Vocational Organization
Detma Research & Training Group

SES Volunteer Member State Emergency Services Trained Volunteer Memeber
VIP Member Microsoft Developer Network & TechNet Forums
Team Member Cisco Professional Forums
Principle Member Azad University Information Technology Association
Titular Member Strategic Management Society (ISMS)
Administrator Softgozar Forums (Forum.softgozar.com)
Titular Member Grassvally Canopus Forums
VIP Journalist Young Journalists Club
VIP Member Dayche Research Groups
VIP Member Detma Research & Training Group
Administrator Afshar Research Center (ARC)

        An experienced and motivated Network Engineer accomplished in delivering secure resilient systems on time and budget to meet business needs. an adaptable and efficient team player with excellent communication skills at all levels. 
     I’m looking for a role where I can develop my skills further, researching new technologies, reveling in new challenges and developing on my company.


MCP 2.0 Microsoft Certified Professional  
June 2010 | License # C109-3827
MCSA 2003 Microsoft Certified System Administrator  
June 2010 | License # C109-3836
MCSE 2003 Microsoft Certified System Engineer  
June 2010 | License # C109-3837
MCTS ISA Server  
Internet Security & Acceleration
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist  
June 2010 | License # C109-3848
CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate  
June 2012 | License # KN13-CS436702 | Mr. Ali Shariati
CCNA VOICE Cisco Certified Network Associate VOICE
November 2012 | License # 101773 | Mr. Pouya Khishtandar
Acronis Advanced Backup Acronis Certified Engineer - Advanced Backup systems
May 2015 | License # ACE11.5| Mr. Ron Eo
Acronis Cloud Backup Acronis Certified Engineer - Cloud Backup
May 2015 | License # ACE4.0| Mr. Ron Eo
Acronis Access & Mobility Acronis Certified Engineer - Access & Mobility Solutions
May 2015 | License # ACE7.0| Mr. Ron Eo
Strategic Management Strategic management Methods & Solutions  
September 2009 | Dr. Grant Driver
Technology Management Management of Technology (MOT) & The Key to Economic Growth  
November 2011 | License # 90010105 | Prof. Taqrek M. Khali
Data Mining Course 1  
TUV Rhineland Academy
DM Application In Finance & Banking & Insurance  
January 2009 | License # AMM-09/01 07 | Prof. Nakhaei Zadeh
Data Mining Course 2  
TUV Rhineland Academy
DM Application in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  
October 2010 | License # IDM-B-10/179 13 | Prof. Nakhaei Zadeh
Data Mining Course 3  
TUV Rhineland Academy
DM Advanced in Predictive Modeling & Unsupervised Learning  
May 2010 | License # IDM-B-10/72 05 | Prof. Nakhaei Zadeh
KM Implementation Knowledge Management Implementation  
October 2010 | License # SW-89-1-G 54-109 | Prof. Dr. Heinz Mandl
KM Advising Knowledge Management Implementation & KM Advisor  
December 2010 | License # 89-5-G 1-1 | Prof. Dr. Farhad Daneshgar
KM Audition EFQM Knowledge Management Framework Auditor  
October 2009 | License det norske veritas 1864 | Mr. Jereon Albert
KM Methods Knowledge Management Methods & Consulting  
October 2009 | Dr. Babak Akhgar
System Operation Digital Content Editing And Documentation  
January 2011 | License # 2393-1-15534

Dr. Alireza Tavakoli
IT Head, Dina Holding
Who managed Soroush
(January 1, 2012):
          “The first thing you will notice while working with this gentleman is always his hardworking attitude, you can make sure that the tasks which has been assigned to him will be done in a blink of an eye with almost 100% of accuracy.
He is a quick learner and also a great IT hand of mine.

          His insatiable mind is always ready to learn and I am sure he will be a bright IT manager in the near future.
No regrets at all to have him on-board.”


Senior Network & Systems Engineer
IronLine Technology  
2014 Till Now

Network problems create business emergencies. When the network goes down, employees cannot read emails. Customers can’t purchase the product. Work stops. Network monitoring helps you keep your business healthy, Stop wasting time putting out fires. Start building the future foundations of your business. You’ll be -less stressed and your colleagues will consider you a hero.
Avoid expensive outages
Address bottlenecks before they cause problems
Reduce costs by buying only the hardware you need
Services Provided:
Implement Network Monitoring system PRTG
Connect Powershell to web interface using ASP.Net
Maintaining Distribution lists via user friendly Web interface
Creating Active Directory users via Web Interface

IT Professional  
Part2 Two Corporate  
2014 Till Now

Part 2 Consultancy is an innovative IT smart solutions provider and professional services consulting company. Our years of experience allow us to develop and specifically tailor the highest-level, industry-standard solutions to your company in order to meet your many needs.
services Provided:
IT Consultancy
Patching, labeling and maintaining Cables and racks

IT Consultant - System Administrator  
ShareIT ™
2013 – 2014

Team of IT Professionals with over 18 years experience in support of corporations with a full focus on best possible support plans. We have recognised that there is no proper support system in place for small & medium enterprises, we found the missing link, we invented ShareIT™. Proudly an Australian Innovation. Full support for your IT system and staff for less than 3% of the average Australian salary! 
Services Provided:
Microsoft Exchange server maintenance and trouble shooting
Router Troubleshooting and VPN configuration
Branch and clients Connectivity Maintained
Website Design and Maintenance
Disaster Recover and backup Solutions
High Load Printer Solutions

Network Administrator  
AdoraTeb (Cobel Darou)  
2012 – 2013

strong and trustable WAN Covered more than 25 branches with over 400 Network users. As a global biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca has a key contribution to make through the discovery, development, manufacturing and commercialisation of innovative medicines for some of the world’s most serious diseases.  
Virtualization and Cloud Computing  
WAN & LAN Networks  
Around 25 Branches  
Active & Passive Networks  
Microsoft Platforms  
Monitoring Systems  
Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions

SAP Center  
Dina Food Holdings  
(Pepsi & Cheetoz)  
2011 – 2012

ERP (SAP) Implementation on more than 22 SC's and 5 Plants.  
Network Infrastructure between 22 Remote sites & a wide network grid of more than 8000 nodes.  
Cluster solution for mission critical Servers.  
Security and Penetration tests for almost every aspect of networking.  
high available strategies for massive Databases running on SQL and Oracle.
Real time Monitoring and Auditing systems on Unix and BSD platforms.

IT Administrator  
Toranj Arya Inst.  
2007 – 2012

Network Systems  
Programming (Web-Based Programming & Windows-Based Programming)  
IT Project Management & Consultant  
Report Systems  
Design Data Mining Systems  
R&D Team  
Multimedia Systems  
Documentary & Digital arts Department:  
Video Producing Unit (Pre Production - production - Post Production)  
Studio Unit (Dubbing - Digital Sound Recording - ...)  
Professional Video Editing Systems  
2D & 3D Designs & Animations Production  
Exhibition - Interior Designs & Decoration  
Graphical & print Design 

IT Consultant  
Industrial Ministry  
2008 –2010

Implementing 8 mines & steel Extraction Factory since 2007  
Consulting about:  
Auditing Systems in implementing Projects  
Secure network Infrastructure  
Construction and Implementing Projects Acceleration  
Projects Documentary 

System Admin  
Naghme RASA Inst.  
2005 –2007

It has high traffic network & File Sharing between all of below departments:  
Film Directing  
Video Editing  
Digital Sound Recording Studio  
Graphical Designs  
3D Arts & Modeling

Bala Iyer - Head of
Client Relationships
NIIT Technologies Ltd
(February 3, 2012):
          “Mr. Soroush Jafari is a meticulous worker, very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and an extremely hard working IT professional. He is a fast learner and very helpful by nature. Wish him all the best in his professional and personal life”


IT & Network IT Consulting  
Advanced Backup systems
Backup and disaster recovery Plan Designer
IT & Network Engineering  
IT & Network Administration  
Network Security  
Wireless Networking  
Network Design & Consulting  
Network Implementing & Maintenance  
IP Networking
Management Project Management & Documentary  
Strategic Management
Information System Data Mining  
Data Warehousing & Analysis  
EFQM Knowledge Management  
Knowledge Sharing
Other Fields Technical Troubleshooting  
Research & Development (R&D)  
Graphic Design & Video Editing  

The Best Of Holy Qur'an
National Exhibition 2008-2009
Multimedia System Design & Reporting System  
The Best Of Talents
Designing Exhibition 2010
Software Designs & Programming
The Best Of Awqaf
Cultural Organizations 2009
Project Management For Implementing IT & Automating Systems
Golden Statues Of Holy Qur'an
Digital Media Exhibition 2008
Digitizing records and Reports of competitions
The Best Of Editors
Iran National Festival 2005
Video Editing for The " Love Voice " Clip

Full Profile http://www.soroush.it
MCP Transcript Download My Official MCP Transcript
Online Transcript Official MCP Transcript On The Microsoft Learning Site  
Transcript ID : 912718  
Access code : mcse2594
Microsoft Profile MCP Virtual Businesscard
Linked-In Profile http://au.linkedin.com/in/soroushj
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